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The Dork and the Diva

A Community for all things Sam/Mercedes!

A New Fan Community for fans of Sam/Mercedes!
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Welcome to dorkandthediva, an LJ comm for fans of the relationship between Sam and Mercedes! Make sure to read the rules before you post, and have fun!


1. Be polite to other members. Bashing of other ships and making fun of other fans' personal preferences will not be tolerated here. You will get banned if you create unnecessary drama.

2. Please post spoilers under the cut! If you want to discuss last night's episode, please use the episode discussion posts and wait at least 24 hours before posting icons or speculation in a new entry.

3. Make sure to use the tags! Once the community starts growing and new members come in, entries can go in fast and things can get complicated!

4. Before promoting, please post in the affiliate/question post asking for permission!

Samcedes Fanworks Resource Post


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